Travelling meant so much

Travelling meant so little

A backpack and a bodged head lamp

Unwilling security and duty free baccy

Pissed before take off

I was neva gonna win

Landing in this familiar town

Let me show you around

Each time I fly

I fly, I fly further

Losing grip on the real world

But to be honest

What’s real?

Gin & Tonic

Chief stew to bed

I find myself pouring another drink

One is too many

1000 ain’t enough

But each night as the evening closes

I am all alone


Un aware

That as that first drink hits my lips

Warms the belly,

Cheers me up.

I know I will not be here to see the evening close down

Ive grown accustomed to this hangover

Palming off sobriety from each day to the next

Perhaps I would be happier

Perhaps I would be stronger

Perhaps I would be better

But I will never know

As I will never see the end of a close down.


When theres is something strange
Living in your head.
Who you gonna call?
No one

If theres something weird
Going on inside.
Who you gonna call?
No one

If you’re seeing things
Running through your head.
Who you gonna call?
No one

I am afraid of myself.


I don’t like to speak of my sadness.
Not in public anyway.
As to tell, I must admit,
Confess it’s name.

But as giving it a name would make it real.
I will never create that character
I will never set that scene
As each day that passes is another further away,
From that awful, awful dream.


Was it perfect?
Did we match?
What about all those nights I sobbed in bed?

With Rose tinted memories,
I struggle to move on.
I will forever,
look behind.

Comparing every fling
to this perfect vision.
Completely stifling.
All for a sugar coated memory.

In fact






I see your face

A light turns on

I can’t look away

From your eyes, so deep

That cheeky grin as you look away

Melts my insides

Every time I want you closer

I don’t know how

To act so casual

When all I really want

Is you.