I don’t like to speak of my sadness.
Not in public anyway.
As to tell, I must admit,
Confess it’s name.

But as giving it a name would make it real.
I will never create that character
I will never set that scene
As each day that passes is another further away,
From that awful, awful dream.


Was it perfect?
Did we match?
What about all those nights I sobbed in bed?

With Rose tinted memories,
I struggle to move on.
I will forever,
look behind.

Comparing every fling
to this perfect vision.
Completely stifling.
All for a sugar coated memory.

In fact






I see your face

A light turns on

I can’t look away

From your eyes, so deep

That cheeky grin as you look away

Melts my insides

Every time I want you closer

I don’t know how

To act so casual

When all I really want

Is you.